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Promove 8º ano - Tour Guide and Some Vacations

De: Camila, Clara Melo e Isabela

De: Thayná, Lorena, Helena e Débora

De:  Marcelo Sachs )
Day 1-arrive in Tokyo Japan,where you will be met and transferred to a hotel in the centrum ,afternoon visit historic places of the city  ,after that you will drive in a mini van with other tourist to the vulcan .The View from the vulcan will be amazing ;after that you will drive back to the hotel have lunch and i f you want go to bed .
Day 2-breakfast at the hotel ,after you will take a train to the city Osaka to visit the historic tempel,after that you will go to a tipical historic japanese restaurant to eat sushi .Return to the Hotel by Bus ,where you can see some beautiful places over the window .At Night you will visit  Tokyos Shopping District called Shibuya ,the district looks like timessquare in New York ,its better to see at night . After your Shopping Tour you will go back to hotel and enjoy good italian food .
Day 3-Breakfast,then after you will drive to the international airport and take a plane to the city miyagi that was hidden by a pbig tsunami you wil see interesing points of the fisher village then 1h later you will walk with the other tourist to a big mountain ,where you can take pictures .
After Lunch Tourists,will have time to appreciate  the beauty of the area  before returning  to Tokyo By Train.
Day 4-breakfast,then free day to walk around tokyo .
Day 5-breakfast, then transfer to tokyo international airport hthen take flight back to Sao Paulo Airport

De : Arley, Eduardo, Renan
Day 1 : We going to the hotel and after we go to the Copacabana, we go have lunch in the beach and go back to the hotel for pass the night.

Day 2 : We going to visit Pão De Açúcar, have lunch in the hotel, going to Ipanema have dinner in the beach and go back to the hotel for the pass the night.

Day 3 : We going to ride the edge of the southern in the morning, lunch in the hotel, going to Cristo Redentor walk in the city on the night and have dinner in the restaurant.

Day 4 : Breakfast in the hotel and going to Buzios.

Day 5 : Breakfast in the hotel and pass the day on the beach.

Day 6 : We going to have breakfast on the hotel and go back to the airport.

De: Pedro Abelha
 Rio + Búzios

 Day 1 – Afternoon visit to historic points of interest of downtown Rio before continuing on to the sugar loaf mountain using a two stage cable car. View of the city and beaches from the mountain top.

 Day 2 -  breakfast then ride by train through the tijuca forest to the top of corcovado mountain. From here the visitor can see nearly the entire city of rio.dinner at a typical brazilian barbecue restaurant followed by a lively samba and folklore show.afterwards passengenrs are returned to their hotels.

Day 3 – Breakfast , then drive byar-conditioned vehicle to the finish village of  Itapuruca to board .The tour stops at some islands for swimming before continuting.


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